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15 Things You Should Stop Doing With Your Phone

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 1. Smartphones Have Completely Changed The Game

Living in today's society gives you the option of being constantly connected. There's a good chance you are reading this from your smartphone right now. Your phone is most likely a major part of your life, whether you believe it or not. You probably use your phone twice as much as you think you, typing and scrolling an average of five hours every single day. The number of people spending the majority of their time tied to their devices is only continuing to rise astronomically, this article will also review Things You Should Stop Doing With Your iPhone and others phones

2. The Number Of Smartphone Users Is Steadily Rising

Smartphones are taking over the world — literally. The number of smartphone users is expected to rise to 2.53 billion in the year 2018, which is no small per cent of the population. Although we all cling to our phones for dear life, it turns out we may not be taking the best care of our devices. Research has revealed that Americans spent a whopping $4 million on smartphone repairs in 2015 alone. A broken screen may not be your only smartphone faux-pax.

3. A Cracked Screen May Not Be Your Only Worry

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Although nothing is more devastating than dropping your phone and picking it up to find the screen looks like it has been through war, you may be doing other everyday things with your phone that is cause for concern. These normal actions can be detrimental to the life of your device — and you may be doing a few of these daily! It's time to rethink some of your smartphone habits.

4. Delaying On Updating Your Apps

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We've all been there. You get the notification that several of your apps need to be updated — but you keep saying you will do it some other time. App updates may hold more importance than you think. Updates can enhance security and even help developers understand what users — like you — want out of their application. Don't put it off, take advantage of those app updates!

5. Conserving Battery By Closing Unused Apps

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We have all been lead to believe that closing all the apps that you aren't currently using helps to conserve the life of your battery — and it feels good taking care of some smartphone clutter. It turns out that closing a background app does not help you to save your battery, and only if the app is currently running in the background does it make a difference when it comes to battery life. Check to see what apps are running in the background before you get to swiping!

6. Allowing Your Inbox To Continuously Overflow

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A full inbox is enough to give anyone a mini heart attack, but it may be contributing to your low battery. Leaving emails unread means your phone has more mail to go through and more battery life to waste. Go through your emails as you receive them to give your battery a break!

7. Purposely Killing The Battery On A Brand New Phone

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Letting your phone battery reach 0% often may damage its overall life in the long-run. Try to charge your phone before it dies to keep your battery storage at its full capacity for a longer. There is no reason to let your phone die when you first get it to improve battery life; that is simply a myth when it comes to phones with lithium-ion or lithium-ion polymer batteries! See the Tips to boost your Android Battery life 

8. Turning Your Phone's Brightness Down To Save Battery

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Want to make your battery last? Chances are you have been told to dim the brightness of your phone's screen to conserve battery life, but this may be a fluke. All iPhones and most current androids still operate with an LCD screen, which uses a backlight to make the screen light up. Even black pixels require the same effort, so dimming the screen does relatively nothing to save battery life.

9. Relying On Cheap Phone Chargers

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Many of us seem to go through chargers like it's absolutely nothing. Why does it seem like Apple makes sure their phone chargers are extremely vulnerable to fraying and breakage? The next time you have to invest in a new charger, you may want to rethink grabbing an off-brand version — for the sake of your device.

10. Cheap Chargers Can Do Serious Damage To Your Phone

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If you're guilty of purchasing cheaper chargers to save a few bucks, you may want to invest in an Apple charger next time. “A poor design can suffer several problems. If the output voltage is not filtered well, there will be noise and spikes due to the high-frequency switching." Spend the 30 dollars for a quality charger — future you will be thankful!

11. Letting Germs Roam Free On Your Screen

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Admit it — you probably sit on the toilet and scroll through your newsfeed. If you neglect to clean your screen, you could be putting yourself in contact with dangerous germs such as E. Coli and salmonella. Start using a special screen wipe or a microfiber cleaning cloth to stop nasty germs in their tracks.

12. Using Unencrypted Wi-Fi In Public Places

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The remote workforce is growing at a rapid speed, making it a viable option to work out of a coffee shop or other public place to get a change of scenery during the workday. You may want to rethink logging on if the Wi-Fi doesn't require a password since anyone could be accessing your connection. Avoid unencrypted networks by only using public Wi-Fi to protect all of your private information and internet searches.

13. Ignoring The Danger Of Geotags

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Any savvy social media user knows that adding a geotag to an Instagram or Facebook post is the cool way to show friends and family a great new place to eat or visit. Although geotags are a great way to share your location with friends, it also poses a danger to your safety. Using geotags may set some of your apps in geotag default mode, allowing anyone to figure out where you are — without informing them. Rethink your geotags to avoid robbery, break-ins, and to deter cybercriminals!

14. Refusing To Use A Phone Case

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Purchasing a phone case is necessary to avoid heartbreak when your phone is dropped on the floor and the screen left unrecognizable. Investing in a phone case can save you time, frustration, and money. You can even find one that fits your personality and taste — so what are you waiting for?!

15. Be Smart When It Comes To Your Smartphone

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Whether you are team Apple or Android, keeping your phone safe and healthy is key to prolonging its life. Many people rely on their phones to stay connected and succeed at work and home, so why take your chances? The key to keeping your smartphone running smoothly is in the palm of your hand!

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