Friday, October 2, 2020

Latest Full Comparison Between IPVanish vs NordVPN 2020 Reviewed

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The top Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are not all the same, and it matters which one you prefer and the one that favour you.

I promise this comparison is not a waste of time so these two VPNs are favourites around the world, nearly every VPN review site lists them among their top 10 and it can be incredibly tough to pick between the two unless you read this article to the bottom.

A detailed comparison like this one our contenders will do battle, based on their key features and each category will have a winner, by the end of this article you'll be able to see that one of our contenders really does have the edge over the other.

Privacy And Security Features Compared

Both of these VPNs are incredibly secure powerful military-grade encryption protects, my tests on these two VPN show that you really won't have to worry about DNS and IP leaks and both VPNs have been extremely audited, so we know that there no logs policies are genuine.

Kill switch

However ipvanish only offers a kill switch for Mac windows and Android operating systems while Nord VPN has the kill switch built-in for all their apps including their mobile, this is crucial as a kill switch will automatically cut off your internet connection if your VPN unexpectedly stops working.

How does Double VPN work?

 Nord VPN also boasts some juicy security extras, for example with double VPN your online security is routed through two servers, instead of one and with onion over VPN, your internet traffic gets routed through one of their servers, passes through the onion Network and only then reaches the Internet this effectively, hides this activity from your ISP and doubles your security as if this is not convincing enough.

Where are NordVPN and IPVanish based?

Nord VPN is based in Panama, where privacy is closely protected by law, on the other hand, ipvanish is based in the United State where your privacy is not a top priority to be fair.

I should add that ipvanish change hands recently, and the new management is going a long way towards improving their VPNs reputation.

Finally, Nord VPN offers some fully anonymous payment methods, there are ten different cryptocurrencies to choose, from on top of this usual methods, I think we can all agree that there's a clear winner here, by the way, if you've already made your choice hit this eye button to bag it right away.

IPVanish vs NordVPN: Performance Compared

IP vanish has more countries for you to pick from the North VPN, but north VPN has more servers, and do you know what that means way less traffic per server, which equals better performance, the biggest player when it comes to performance though is Nord links, North's revolutionary tunnelling protocol based on wire guard and it's much faster than the standard Open VPN, but just as secure, check out the speed test clearly, Nord VPN is the winner here.

Both of our contenders are excellent for taunting they don't blog or even throttle p2p traffic and you won't be penalized for your torrenting activities there's, one major difference though, ipvanish allows torrenting on every server, this may sound appealing, but north VPNs approach which offers dedicated and optimized servers in torrent.

Nord Vpn And Ipvanish Speed Tests

Friendly locations are actually more strategic it's way faster and that puts it ahead when it comes to streaming, Nord VPN is probably the best VPN for Internet users around the world, it unlocks Netflix but not just the U.S. Library, you can access libraries from many countries, you can also unblock other streaming, sadly this isn't the case for ipvanish as its streaming options are quite limited, Nord VPN wins this round.

These VPNs have wonderfully streamlined and intuitive interfaces which I'd expect from a top VPN, they also boast an incredibly helpful live chat support, that's available 24/7, there's a generous range of apps for both which is just slightly different or VPN also offers a choice of browser extensions, which IP Vanishes doesn't do and while you can set up both B pins to run via your router.

Nord VPN runs on a wider variety of devices, the one area where ipvanish thus challenged the Nord VPN, is in the number of devices you can run simultaneously for most households, though this won't be a deal-breaker as being able to run six devices simultaneously, is usually more than enough, so Ipvanish VPN is the winner for this category, our competitors fare pretty well at bypassing censorship in most countries, although the situation is constantly changing, and can be hard to judge accurately.

bypassing China's censorship

However China is the boss in Nationwide Center ship and when it comes to bypassing the Great Firewall of China, they take very different approaches like most VPNs ipvanish is blocked at a DNS level, in China so the ipvanish team gives out IP addresses for direct connection, this is a short-term solution at best Nord VPN gives you the option to connect via obfuscated servers, or a special server, a list that's optimized for use in heavily restricted countries and runs with a modified version of open VPN to avoid China's deep packet inspection, it's definitely more effective at bypassing severe censorship.

Pricing compared

The pricing on these VPNs is similar, I ipvanish is slightly cheaper when it comes to short term subscriptions, but Nord VPN offers more cost-effective 2 to 3-year packages, that makes this category a draw.

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Winner revealed

Don't think there's much debate here, the only advantage that ipvanish has over nord VPN is that, you can run for more devices at a time, on ipvanish and as we already mentioned that. Nord VPN made the decision easy for us, because it wins hands down, or even with one arm tied behind its back now.


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