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How To Make Your First 3 - 5 Orders On Fiverr - Make Money On Fiverr

Latest Very Hot: How To Start An Import Business In Nigeria With N10,000 And Make N250,000 Within 30 Days Guaranteed! has smashed as the upscale source of micro outsourced services on the Internet. Thanks to a multi-million dollar advertising campaign, it is hardly to find people who have not heard about Fiverr on the internet. More and more businesses, both offline and online, are using the services provided on Fiverr.

As Fiverr’s ability to draw customers continues to erupt, the big news is that there is alot and more demand for whatever services you offer to the global market for digital services.

Here are just fourteen ways you can make money on Fiverr

It may seem you are not getting paid much but if you are able to knock out these services in a very rigid period of time, and stack them with valuable extras, your income from Fiverr might thanslate to quite a hefty stash of cash, 50 Hot Selling Products You Can Import, Sell And Make Money In Nigeria

  1. Offer social media services
  2. Offer ebooks or reports you’ve written
  3. Write quickly and get paid
  4. Use marketing software to get paid
  5. Create digital drawings
  6. Become a virtual assistant
  7. Alter pictures
  8. Design business cards
  9. Take pictures with signs
  10. Design flyers
  11. Write a review
  12. Make a video testimonial
  13. Use software to produce SEO diagnostic results
  14. Use software to find SEO keywords

When I was beginning to think we're all going to stay home and enjoy the companies of each other, you guys decide to go, anyways.

Don't you dare to go out without your nose mask, because we the working from a home associate of China Republicans are watching you with one eye open?

Pardon the silly but generous me.

Back to serious mode.

This advice has been circulating amount, my premium students, for a while, and I thought of sharing with the general public.

How to make your first 3 - 5 orders On Fiverr

On Fiverr, your first 3 - 5 orders are the hardest. You have to put in a lot of effort to make that happen in order to make money on fiverr.

1. Sending all the 10 Buyer Requests Daily ( Check Tips on how to see Request for the newly created account from the Mentorship Group).

2. Constantly promote yourself on social media.

3. Occasionally share your gigs on different social media.

4. Use Crisis Keywords to search for needs in your niches.

5. Use Disposal Fiverr account to get started (Check the file section of the mentorship group for this).

7. Try to get a review but this should be as a last resort and use only the method shared on the group.

Please any part you don't understand jumb and pass to comment below.

So here are the things you should do for me on how to make money on fiverr

a. Go crush it! Come back and share testimony!

b. Share with both your friends and enemies

c. You can do it! You should do it.

This is a No Level Nigeria Account!!! What Are Your Excuses?

If you have a zero-level Fiverr account with fewer reviews, your best bet is BR and SMM.

It’s challenging to wake up every morning and say to yourself. I tried really hard yesterday and didn’t see results. Today I am going to work twice as hard.

This can only be easy if you’re laser Focus with determination to change yourself for yourself. Because when you’re doing this for you, you are calm, you’re calculated, and you’re patient.

The major problem among many people is that, they want to make money fast. Some even attached a date to it.
I must make a thousand buck $$$$ in 15 days.
I must prove to mike he’s not the only guy in town.
Mary left me because I’m broke, I must prove to him I am better than her new guy

And because you want to make this money fast to prove a point to someone, you are unrest, and vulnerable.

While in the real senses, this whole thing takes time and process.

You are not making money because you haven’t made any money before; Okay, I even don’t understand how that sound, so if you don’t get it, the feeling is mutual.

You haven’t made any money before, so you lack the two most valuable qualities of making money online CONFIDENCE and EXPERIENCE.

You haven’t really helped anyone achieved the success you are promising your clients, so you’re not confident, and they can sense that from away.

Why not take a few gigs for free and build your confidence and skills?

I remember a guy once told me he couldn’t do a job for a lower budget to build his online portfolio. To him, he already knows too much.

If you say you’re the C-Ronaldo and Messi combine of your industry, it’s just a mere word. We need Zubby to confirm that you’re his liquid metal. A preacher of QUALITY and a prophet of RESULTS

You’re not making money because you haven’t shown enough results period!!! SIR.

Do you remember that moment you’re glued to ZeeWord, and Genevieve is about to kiss Indaboski and them Nepa shouted I am the War, who brought you thou daughter of Zion.

And you quickly send Emeka to check if Mama Nkiru has light?

Yes, I am talking about you that usually rush to check if your neighbor have light the moment yours goes off, and when they do, you become very gengelous and angry. Especially if it was Odumeje Agaba by Rihanna that was playing.

Let me ask you?

Do you usually do that because you are a witch or something and hated your neighbours’ success? – Off-Course Not!

That’s the inbuilt selfishness in you playing out.

Those people you’re looking to sell to are looking out your way because their light went out, but all they see is darkness. You’re not showing ANYTHING. Just BLANK!!! OMG.

It pays to practices what you teach, helps someone, and show us you have indeed helped someone and we will pay you to help us? Good enough for you?


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