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Once upon a time in the ancient town of Ojoku in Kwara State, there lives  two young lovers names Ayoni and Adigun. They were so much in love with each other that the whole community known so much about their love. It always like ti igbin ba fa ikaraun a te le, but there love story started on hatred, Adigun is a prefect while Ayoni is in junior class, Adigun is love by all other students because of his cute look and activeness but Ayoni never likes him because she feels his too proud, Ayoni usually come late to school so she get punished every time by Adigun and extra punishment. Anytime times Ayoni get punished by Adigun,  she  goes to Adigun parents to cook up different types of lies and Adigun get punished which will even make Adigun punished Ayoni more on different occasions until one day, Adigun saves Ayoni from punishment from the other students then they became good friends other student begin to gossip and jealous of Ayoni, Ayoni change her ways from lateness and academy and improve more in other activities.

    There lives a man called Alabi who  love to practice  new charm made by his herbalist friend, on getting to his friend place he met him with a new concoction prepared to test Olugbohun, he ask his friend which he gave him and also gave him the instructions on his way home Adigun and Ayoni were under the tree because Adigun was about to  write his final paper and was about to leave the town in few month time they were making promises and oath while Baba Alabi was passing by with olugbohun in his pocket Adigun make a promise that if he ever betrayed Ayoni he should never no peace and Ayoni also made a promise as well.

    Their lives ayo in the U.S.A who is Adigun’s uncle [aburo  iya Adigun] who  Iya Adigun  help and train till he travelled and as promise Iya Adigun to train him after secondary school. Unfortunately Baba Adigun die and things became difficult for Adigun to further his education as early promise, ayo started making arrangement for Adigun to come to u.s.a.

    This really breaks Ayoni’s heart cause of what they shares but Adigun promise Ayoni that he will surely come back for her and that he will work so hard and promise to send her money to further her education, and they both promise each other and also repeated the same cause.

   Adigun left for U.S.A on his arrival at the airport waiting for ayo to pick him up, on Ayo’s way to the airport he so excited that he cant wait to see his nephew and was moving on high speed and he had an accident and was in comma, Adigun as no contact to call while waiting endlessly at the airport for several hour didn’t see ayo he begin to nurse fair and some officers at the airport notice him and put him on enquiry, a lady who is working in the airport notice him that his new in the country and that his Yoruba step in to save him from deportation and cancellation of his visa.

      Omowumi is a Nigeria base in U.S.A who is very rich but childless and has being married for times and was drop for inability to conceive and her most desire in life is a child, she is in her forty’s. she move close to Adigun and speak Yoruba to him while being interrogated by the airport officials she said in Yoruba se Yoruba nie, maso nkankan mo fimile pelu won and she told them Adigun was waiting for her and she took Adigun away in her car and started asking Adigun question in which Adigun told her everything and that he has been waiting for the past 7hours and he tried to call him but he can get through. Wumi took Adigun to his place and all help to get in touch with ayo to no avail. After spending weeks Wumi, friends were against him for allowing a stranger to stay with him in a no man’S land Wumi begins to develop feelings for Adigun that was beginning of problem for Adigun, but later Adigun gave in. Adigun later get a job and begin a new life he sent money regularly to Ayoni and his mother but little by little one problem today happiness tomorrow .

    Ayoni has gotten admission in to a city university, Ayoni has two friend who were also her room mate Feyikemi and Abimbola who were always against  her with her long distance relationship they advice her to start a new relationship but she will never listen, Ayoni never hang out with friends she is always on call with Adigun several hours. she  has a lot of toaster in campus but she will never accept their offer, she is loyal  to her Adigun.
      Omowumi became pregnant by her young lover Adigun and that was the best thing that never happens to her but she was also fed up with day in day out with Adigun different police problem.


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